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“Dr. Darley’s practical advice and supportive approach helped me understand more than just the need for sleep, but also gave me behavioral strategies that were very simple and effective. As a law enforcement officer with decades of compounded stress from life and work, my poor sleep habits had contributed to multiple health issues that all improved when Dr. Darley helped me focus on sleep quality.” – Andy, Police Chief with 30 years in law enforcement

Shiftworker Program

Shiftworkers have unique sleep challenges and needs due to working at night and trying to sleep during the day. We will:

  • Provide education to shiftworkers about how to best decrease the challenges by using sleep and alertness principles.
  • Guide each shiftworker through designing their own custom sleep plan.
  • Discuss strategies to improve social interactions with family & friends while getting adequate sleep to be safe and perform on the job.
  • Provide a program to regularly check in with shiftworkers about any difficulties with their sleep and celebrate their successes!

Sleep Health Training

Each employee is responsible for getting a good night’s rest, but many people don’t have the knowledge or skills to sleep well.  In these classes for employees we will: 

  • Motivate employees to get healthy sleep by discussing how sleep helps, or hurts, our performance, health and quality of life.
  • Teach skills to ensure quality sleep.
  • Guide each employee through making their own customized optimal sleep plan.
  • Guide employees through a self-assessment of possible sleep disorders.
  • Provide resources for employees who require further assessment of sleep disorders.

Management Training

Managers are in a position of working with employees and identifying performance problems.   We will:

  • Motivate employees to get healthy sleep by discussing how sleep helps, or hurts, our performance, health and quality of life.
  • Discuss how sleep impacts performance, including cognitive abilities, physical coordination, mental and physical health, and emotional intelligence.
  • Train managers in red flags which suggest poor sleep may be part of the problem.
  • Provide resources for managers to distribute to employees with sleep problems.
  • Educate managers on how they can increase employee alertness and productivity through work scheduling and facilities.

Work / Rest Scheduling

Optimize your shift schedules to take advantage of sleep & alertness physiology.

We will:

  • Review your current scheduling.
  • Make changes to optimize productivity.
  • Create educational materials for employees about the benefits of making changes, and conduct classes for managers.

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