““With Dr. Darley, we worked on a very individualized plan that was specific to me.”

-Courtney C., patient of Dr. Darley

Welcome! Have you been struggling with your sleep for a long time? Would you like to get to the cause, and work at that level to improve your sleep? 

Over decades of work in sleep medicine, I’ve developed a deep understanding of patients’ experience of sleep disorders. With that deep understanding, I address the causes of sleep problems using a combination of behavioral and naturopathic approaches. I understand how distressing a sleep problem can be, and how significantly it impacts your quality of life.

Working together to solve your sleep problem  generally requires meeting every other week for 4-6 appointments. At this time all appointments are via telemedicine, so you will need computer access. Patients are billed at the time of service, the charge is $325 for the first, 60 minute, appointment, and $150 for return appointments (30 minutes). 


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